Helm: Lava Cap X (Guts Jewel x 2)
Torso: Lava Vest X (Guts Jewels x 2)
Arms: Narga Gaurds X (Dodge Jewel)
Waist: Narga Coat X (Dodge Jewel)
Legs: Narga Leggings X (Jumping Jewel x 2)

Evade + 2
Evade Distance Up

Greyhawk was showing off the Normal Up, Evade + 2, Evade Distance Up armor set he made some time ago. Which got me to wonder could you combine other usesful 10 point skills with Evade Distance up and Evade + 2. Immediately, I thought of Guts. I posed the question as we had just finished off the Gaoren of that evening. And then Greyhawk went to work, I figured id would be a mix of Narga and Plum Hermitar, but he found Lavasioth to be the best candidate. So we did some farming and made that armor. I use it a lot. Basically the the idea is gunners avoid trouble, but they have a chance to mess up. Which would be great if I could roll through roars as well as he does. He doesn't like the set much because he caters his armors to his ammo and the monster we may be hunting, and I am a generalist on my armors and just take the proper weapon, in this case a bowgun, for the beastie.

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