• Gravefiller613

    Any bow or bowgun can by used with this set. Though I prefer using Genie's Lamp, Quickcaster, Prosperity, Mystic Threehorn, or Ten Thousand Volts.

    Helm: Chaos Shroom
    Torso: Lava Vest X (More guts Jewel and Guts Jewel)
    Gauntlets: Kirin Gloves X (Divine Protection Jewel and Guts Jewel)
    Tasset:Kirin Shorts (Divine Protection Jewel x 2)
    Legs: Gravios Leggings Z (More Guts Jewel)

    Divine Protection
    Element Attack Up
    Status Attack Up
    Fire 13
    Water 10
    Thunder 19
    Ice 8
    Dragon 4

    Overall a good set. You could trade Divine protection for Defense +30 or Tweak in Evasion or Reload Speed +1. It's got a lot a slots, but I built the set to compliment groups and be pretty versitile. As this set is about carrying the right ammo for the monster witho…

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  • Gravefiller613

    Helm: Lava Cap X (Guts Jewel x 2)
    Torso: Lava Vest X (Guts Jewels x 2)
    Arms: Narga Gaurds X (Dodge Jewel)
    Waist: Narga Coat X (Dodge Jewel)
    Legs: Narga Leggings X (Jumping Jewel x 2)

    Evade + 2
    Evade Distance Up

    Greyhawk was showing off the Normal Up, Evade + 2, Evade Distance Up armor set he made some time ago. Which got me to wonder could you combine other usesful 10 point skills with Evade Distance up and Evade + 2. Immediately, I thought of Guts. I posed the question as we had just finished off the Gaoren of that evening. And then Greyhawk went to work, I figured id would be a mix of Narga and Plum Hermitar, but he found Lavasioth to be the best candidate. So we did some farming and made that armor. I use it a lot. Basically the the…

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  • Gravefiller613

    Note that the parenthesis denote the jewels. I will also double check my numbers, I just made this set tonight.

    Gun: Jhen Stock, Rathaling+ Frame, Jhen Barrel (Shield Jewel x 2)
    Helm: Uragaan Cap + (Clust Up or Crag Up)
    Torso: Uragaan Vest + (Clust Up or Crag Up)
    Arms: Ingot + (Turtle Jewel and (Clust Up or Crag Up))
    Waist: Uragaan Belt + (Shield Jewel)
    Legs: Ingot + (Defense Jewel)
    Charm: Queen's Charm (Clust Up or Crag Up)
    -note: I have two charms with one slot, +6 to Crag Up or +6 Clust Up, and +3 to Gaurd Up.

    Defense with Armorcharm and Talon is 229

    Fire +11
    Water -14
    Ice -1
    Thunder +9
    Dragon -2

    Skills Active:
    Recoil + 3
    Defense Increase (s)
    Gaurd Up
    Crag Lv1 up or Clust Lv1 up

    This can easily be tweaked to give all levels of Cluster or Crag …

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  • Gravefiller613


    May 20, 2010 by Gravefiller613

    I enjoyed them in the other games. They always felt like boxxing to me. Hop hop jab, hop block jab, and the like. Lances were good for facing a beast mano y monstro.

    Online and with the tweaks in Tri, I like them a lot more. There is just something nice about feeling like Ali and taking a monster on.

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  • Gravefiller613

    Just noticing that overall my monster hunter 3 experience really feels a lot like playing monster hunter 1. There has been quite the condensing of gear and monsters. That is not a bad thing, as everything has been fine tuned and despite the lower counts on both parts, the challenge and versatility is making up for it.

    so far I've enjoyed playing online. Though, I do need a keyboard. I'm quite interested in how the event quests and such will run in the future. I miss those days of chasing Kirin in the swamp with only one faint allowed. Though that is also the reason I hate Diablos. However the GMR was worth it in the end.

    Anyhow, I typically hunt with GreyHawk on Sundays and Thursdays. Feel ree to join us.

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