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MH4U: perfect Gunlance set?

Whilst trying out the Gunlance in MH4U me and a friend discovered probably one of the best set for a Gunlance, regardless of your Gunlance play style.

This G-rank set gives you a total of four skills;

  • Artillery God 
  • Guard +2
  • Razor Sharp
  • Guard Boost

Note: this may take a little bit of farming and requires some Wycoon quests to complete. 

Equipment required: Decorations required:
Any gunlance with one slot 1x Artillery Jwl 1
Seltas Helm X 2x Artillery Jwl 1
Atrian Mail X 2x Ironwall jewel 1
Agnaktor Vambraces X 1x Artillery Jwl 1 + 1x Ironwall jewel 2
Agnaktor Faulds X 1x Razor Jewel 3
Empress Greaves X 2x Artillery Jwl 1 + 1x Razor Jewel 1 
Charm with Guard Up +6 (or better) 2x Artillery Jwl 1 
Total 8x Artillery Jwl 1, 2x Ironwall Jewel 1, 1x Ironwall Jewel 2, 1x Razor Jewel 3 and 1x Razor Jewel 1

The Wycoon quests required are:

Thank you for reading, I couldn't have made this set without the help of Techdimension .

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