• Gigginoxlover089

    Guide Made By: gigginoxlover089

    Guide for: Gigginox

    Game: MH3

    Rank: ★★★★☆

    Weapon Type: any weapon you feel comfortable fighting with

    Armor: low rank Rathian (blademaster)



    potions x10

    mega potions x10 (potion+honey)

    antidote x10

    herb and antidote herb x5 each

    blue mushroom x10 (blue mushroom+herb=potion)

    (blue mushroom+antidote herb=antidote)

    hot drink x10

    paintball x10

    dung bomb x10

    Pre-face: The Gigginox is a poison type Flying Wyvern that is weakest to fire. Its attacks are nothing like its younger form Giggi.

    Gigginox inhabit the caves of the tundra.(unlocked after the Gobul hunt Accident Investigation)

    The Hunt

    You first in counter the Gigginox during the mission Lost in Blue.

    Its best to leave the Gigginox alone until the mission The C…

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