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MHFU/MH2ndG Storyline -revisions-

This Story line can be Fake or Real, Depending on Observations. THIS ONLY APPLIES to the UNITE/2NDG Game.

On the Top of the Tower, is where legends and Mysteries lie ahead...What does it Say to you?

  • Remobras Mission

-In the remobra MIssion, You're in there to Gather and fight Remobras. nothing important here.

-You Repel Lunatra, and you Chase Luna to the Tower. (tower Luna) Luna Sees you Again, But you Smash Her there.

  • White Fatalis

(note: The reason why White was here... I'll tell you in Yama Tsukami.) You Repel Fatalis multiple Times, until you Kill him.

  • Yama Tsukami(side)

Yama makes some Commotion around the Tower, Destroying the Tower's Upper Parts. the Guild seems to attracted to its attention....

-you Arrive at the Tower, which is Badly Damaged... You fight them, however, in plain-like area. -you Also resume the fight on the Top area, which is almost Destroyed.

  • Yama Tsukami

-With Yama Causing a big Commotion, the Guild sends you and your Allies to fight him as a Discovery Mission. You Discover there is No life on the Tower anymore... Yama destroys the Tower, but leaves a space for you to fight.

--End of Tower--


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