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  • GhostToast

    So I've been looking around, and from the few sites that I wanted to order the system and game package, I don't really know where there is a good place to pre-order from. Anyone who's imported often know of some good places other then play-asia?

    Then again, if it's possible, would someone buy it/ship it for me?

    This is the pack I'd like to get:

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  • GhostToast

    Assisting with MHDH info

    November 6, 2011 by GhostToast

    Well, this should be fun. While I understand that this version isn't a true MH game, it's still fun regardless. I enjoy playing it as it's useful for a quick hunt or two if you're waiting for something. Usually fights last a minute or two, compared to the normal 5~30 minute fights just for one via PSP.

    I'll be editing as I gain money and materials or getting better at breaking parts off; Bleh, I'm terrible at MH in general. I'd like to stream it and record for reference, but I wouldn't know how to do that, or anything about modding my iPhone to do so.

    Still, this should keep me busy for a while...

    ...At least until MH3G.

    Ask me a question and I can try to reply with an answer about MHDH.

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