I take part of my time to cut the monstr images from the classic white background, but with my low techinic in PS, GIMP and other editors, i was forced to put a neon in the image.. The first was the image of Gold Rathian, if you have some imagem you wanna cut the white background, tell me and I will do the possible to help.

OBS: Sorry my English :)

MHF1-Gold Rathian Render 001

This is a better version of a Gold Ian image whitout the background white

2ndGen-Rajang Render 002

Rajang render. I take the image from his gallery on wiki :)

MH3U-Lucent Nargacuga Render 001

Nargacuga Rare Species - This was the best I can do with the image i had. If you have some image better, send me a link and I will work on it.

MHF1-Purple Gypceros Render 001 (Edited)

The Strange Purple Gypceros LOL. This was a perfect image without white backgroung

MHF1-Ashen Lao-Shan Lung Render 001

New Azure Lao Shan image without the background

MHF1-Black Diablos Render 001 (Edited)

The Black Demon LOL This image was easy, but i guess his could be better.

MHF1-White Monoblos Render 001 (Edited)

New White Blos image. The white from Monoblos make the work a little hard LOL


A new Narga Subspecies image!! Yes, it is small but is the only i have to edit.


The Strange (realy strange) Gigginox Subspecies!!!


Aknagtor Subspecies image! Iguess this is not from your scans Nibelsnarf, so be quiet LOL (I'm kidding)


New green Narga image, that was taked from a scan :)

MHF1-Black Gravios Render 001

My version to Black Gravios image :)

2ndGen-King Shakalaka Render 001

My High Res King Shakalaka and the shakas image :)

2ndGen-Shakalaka Render 001

Shakalakas High Res image

2ndGen-King Shakalaka Render 001

King Shaka Alone

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