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    Match time.

    May 27, 2010 by GeneralOwnage55

    Battle 1 Winner: Uragaan (Poor Barroth was grounded to a pulp)

    Battle 2 Winner: Lagiacrus (Gobul was fried to a crisp.)

    Battle 3 Winner: Diablos (Barioth got the smack down from Diablos.)

    Battle 4 Winner: R. Ludroth (Barroth drowned while trying to charge at R. Ludroth.)

    Battle 5 Winner: Draw, both teams became so wounded to the point they all had to flee.

    Battle 6 Winner: Evil Joe (Poor Gigginox got sat on. And then eaten. On the bright side Evil Joe got sick!)

    Battle 7 Winner: Team 1 (The Mono's begin to flee from the wounds inflicted on them by the Rath's then got charged by about 5 Diablos's)

    Battle 8 Winner: Shen Goaren. I had to send in the Lobster :P

    Battle 9: Devilhjoe vs. Alatreon

    Evil Joe: It's him....The Evil one....The one with a bottom…

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