So far, I have recorded just about 75-80% of me playing MHP3rd. At first I pressed record and just let it go. That took up too much space so I eventually ended up just recording the quests only. (The exceptions to my recordings are Qurupecco (For some reason my psp freezes when I try to record Pecco fights) My first Jinogua (Wasn't at home to fight Jinogua for the first time, sorry) and the boring stuff in-between quests.)

iMean, who wants to sit there and watch me farm my farm or sit in the blacksmith for hours.

My plan is to have two Youtube accounts. One account will be videos that I talk over and edit for your viewing pleasure (Tutorials, walkthroughs and random nonsense.) The other Youtube account will be me just dumping every video I have, unedited. That means all my deaths, fails and every time I forgot to stop recording >_>;

On a side note, none of my videos have sound. Feel free to donate to my Paypal so I can buy a wire to connect my PSP to my PC so I can record sound. Like I said before, I plan to talk over the videos regardless. Most likely have music for the other Youtube account.

  • You may be asking "but Gene, when are you going to upload all these videos?".
  • Well, my answer to that is: After I fight every monster.

I want to have a recording of every monster in the game.(Except Pecco unless I can get it working) So far I have 472GB of recorded gameplay and I have 71GB left to record. I am going to do convert it or something so that it will most likely be only about 80-100GB of recording, and that's over guessing it. I am most likely going to start converting once I get down to the 20-30GB mark but I will NOT upload anything until I have recorded all I want to record.mai Genavive is currently halfway through HR5 and on 5* village quests. I have done all the Hot Springs quests though I don't think I recorded them all. In most, if not all, videos I am using DS. About 30+ hours in. I haven't done any training quests thingy. I am most likely going to be converting all week so I'd say expect videos this weekend. (I think I am just going to dump the videos first before I edit them.)Let me know what you think. Good idea? Bad idea? Any requests ahead of time? Feedback would be nice.

Update: This is the account where I dump my videos. More to come when I get a chance.

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