GeneStarwind - See You Space Cowboy.
MAD Christmas Event Quest! yo.

"My goal is to get at least ONE new person to play Monster Hunter" - MAD4MADhunter

Previous MAD:
Nargacuga - 12/10/11 - 12/16/11

Current MAD:
Tigrex - 12/17/11 - 12/23/11

Next MAD:
???? - 12/24/11 - 12/30/11

We are officially BACK to Unite monsters!

Who can participate: Anyone who own a copy of Monster Hunter! Especially if we're appreciating a monster that is in your Monster Hunter game.
What is MAD: MAD stands for Monster Appreciation Day, where a new monster is posted weekly to be "appreciated" all day long.
When does MAD happen: Used to be every Wednesday but is now every Saturday.
Where can MAD happen: Anywhere Monster Hunter can be played.
Why MAD: It's Monster Hunter. son.
How can I participate: Grab a friend, relative or pet (completely optional) and hop onto the game that the monster is in. Just because you don't have Unite doesn't mean you can't celebrate the same MAD monster in MH3 or MHP3rd.

Above is subject to change

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