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A Few Localization Statements

A localization statement from a Capcom Official in regards to MH3G and MH4.
On a thread in the Ask Capcom section of Capcom-Unity, a user asks Capcom about localizing Monster Hunter 3 G and Monster Hunter 4, both for the Nintendo 3DS.

Christian Svensson (known as Sven in Capcom-Unity), Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President at Capcom replied to the thread with these statements:

Sven wrote:

Noted guys. Stay tuned.

Found here.

On the topic of new fields in MH TriG, I need to defer to our Japan team
on communications about the game's specifics as we've not announced a
Western release at this time.
They're in the driver's seat for all things MH.

Found here.

Guys, when I have more to say on the matter, I'll say more.
For now I must remain cryptic and vague. Apologies. :/

Found here.

And when asked if he himself does want the game to be localized, he replied:

Sven wrote:

Oh hells yeah I do.

Found here.

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