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    Wow. I suck.

    January 27, 2016 by GeneStarwind

    I have yet to finish any projects I've started on here.

    I still love every single one of you.

    even you Lee Tank, even you...

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    Since all this is considered "Endgame", all forms of equipment will be referred to in their final state.

    First to be covered is:

    • Brachy Bow (Warflare Demolisher)
    • Kelbi Bow (Great Kelbi Deershot)

    Name Attack Slime Charges Coatings Slots
    Warflare Demolisher 312 200 R2 | R3 | S5 | P5 Power | C.Range | Exhaust | Paint ---
    Great Kelbi Deershot 276 350 S3 | S4 | R4 | R4 Power | Poison | Paralysis | Sleep | C.Range | Exhaust | Paint | Slime OOO

    • Both have the same Blast Arc Shot and have no affinity.
    • I am assuming that applying Slime Coating to the Kebli Bow increases Slime damage.
    • Brachy Bow has more Attack while Kelbi Bow has more slime
      • Since monsters have Explosion Resistance, Kelbi Bow would be more effective in groups where you would expect quests to end quicker. A…

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    Disclaimer: This is all one huge opinion. An opinion that will hopefully answer the questions of many in one fell swoop once MH3U arrives. Sorry gunners, I doubt my suggestion for gunning would help anyone. (Yes, suggestion. Singular.) You will also come to realize that I am obsessed with centering things.

    This wil be a FAQ of sorts that is being made BEFORE MH3U is released in English so there will be a lot if incorrect names and labels. This page is going to be very, very long my good sir.

    The main thing about this guide right now is that it is INCOMPLETE! For now, understand the tables that are provided. This will be updated daily because I need to play me some MonHan toooooo!!

    The main things I am going to cover are:
    Monsters: Each monster's we…

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    With my recent return to playing online in Monster Hunter 3 I've been mostly playing with randoms, except for that one guy Riley. From what I've been hearing, it's pretty commonplace to run into hackers from time to time.

    I would be a hypocrite to bash on and talk smack about "hacking", generally speaking, since I've used it from time to time to even contribute to this wikia. (Take screenshots, show my PSP screen on my PC and even transfer my MH3 character freely between JPN/US/EU servers.)

    Note: Do not ASK or POST anything regarding hacks. We do not promote piracy!

    What I don't understand is, why hack in Monster Hunter? Period. Sure, you can do some silly things I bet but for actually playing monster hunter, which you hunt monsters, hacking …

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