Ok I've been working on this list since I posted it in my blog a few days ago and I've made a few eliminations and a few additions. Here's the updated lab items list.

(A)=Account Item




Popo Tongue (A)

Sleep Sac

White Liver (A)

Paralysis Sac

Decayed Dragon Scale (A)

Electro Sac

Khezu Whelp (A)

Thunder Sac

Unknown Skull

Lightning Sac

Thawing Agent

Flame Sac

Green Crest (T)

Inferno Sac

Elder Dragon Tears (T)

Blazing Fire Sac

Embroidered Flag (T)

Poison Sac

Springnight Carp

Toxin Sac


Deadly Poison Sac

Giadrome Skull

Small Wyvernfish (T)

Wyvern Fang

Medium Wyvernfish (T)

Wyvern Claw

Large Wyvernfish (T)


Bulldrome Tusk

Pokke Snowman (T)


Book Of Combos 1


Book Of Combos 2

Monster Fluid

Book Of Combos 3

Monster Broth

Book Of Combos 4

Monster Essence

Book Of Combos 5

Thunderbug Juice

Alchemy Guide

Thundebug Jelly

Carpaceon Brains (A)

Felyne Crown (T)

Carpaceon Brains+ (A)

Wyvern Tears (A)

Vespoid Abdomen

Wyvern Sobs (A)

Carnivore Egg (A)

Monoblos Rose (T)

Cephalos Roe (T)

Goldenfish (A)

Monoblos Spine

Silverfish (A)

White Monoblos Spine

Hideyoshi Amberjack (T)

GoldFelyneJewelSword (T)

Monoblos Heart

Hermitaur Brains (T)

Piscine Liver (A)

Elder Dragon Fossil (T)

Cricket Of Troy (T)

Congalala Stomach (T)

Pale Extract

Dynasty Vase (T)

Power Extract

Chameleos' Purse (T)

Basarios Tears

Schradite (T)

Glitter Capshroom (T)

Gypceros Crystal (T)

Barrel Lid

Khezu Seed (T)

Wyvern Skull Shell

Gendrome Skull

Rathalos Tongue (T)

Gravios Skull Shell

Rathalos Liver (T)

Black Gravios Skull Shell

Mysterious Mask (T)

Iodrome Skull

Goldendrome (T)


Silverdrome (T)

Wyvern Egg (A)

Shakalaka Treasure

Chameleos Hide

Shakalaka Inheritance

Fire Wyvern Fluid

Shakalaka Treasure+

Fire Wyvern Marrow

Dark Piece

Tigrex Skull Shell

Dark Stone

Tigrex Claw


Tigrex Scale


Tigrex Fang


Purple Crest (T)


Teostra Meteor (T)

Ancient Dragonwood

Elder Dragon Reference (T)

Ancient Dragonmoss

Pawprint Stamp

Sinister Cloth


Expand Pickaxe

Trap Tool


Fire Dragon Powder

Ancient Cat King Statue (T)

Elder Dragon Blood

Ancient Great Foret [Seed] (T)

Elder Dragon Blood

Fire Wyvern Brainstem

Elder Dragon Bone

Gravios Brainstem

Tailed Frog

Narga Brainstem

Hypno Bezoar

Wyvern Stone

Hypno Bezoar+

Phantom Butterfly


If you have any questions about why something was listed above, a suggestion on something to add or something to take away, or any comments you would like to make about this, please post them. I thrive on criticism. Thanks in advance


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