• GemHunter7734

    I am introducing a new logic and fact-based fantheory project based on MHFU that I would like to get some feedback for. The project is what I have dubbed the "Geneology Project." Basically it would be a diagram showing all species of monsters from MHFU, and how that, through chains of species relations, any one species can be somewhat indirectly related to any other. I have some ideas on the bulk of the species and how they would fit in, but there are a few that I am yet to fit into the spreadsheet.

    In the diagram, there would be a few distinct types of relations. The first of these are near-identical appearences and preditorial behaviors.This should be somewhat self-explanatory. Examples of this type of relation would be pairs like Monobl…

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  • GemHunter7734

    Ok I've been working on this list since I posted it in my blog a few days ago and I've made a few eliminations and a few additions. Here's the updated lab items list.

    (A)=Account Item




    Popo Tongue (A)

    Sleep Sac

    White Liver (A)

    Paralysis Sac

    Decayed Dragon Scale (A)

    Electro Sac

    Khezu Whelp (A)

    Thunder Sac

    Unknown Skull

    Lightning Sac

    Thawing Agent

    Flame Sac

    Green Crest (T)

    Inferno Sac

    Elder Dragon Tears (T)

    Blazing Fire Sac

    Embroidered Flag (T)

    Poison Sac

    Springnight Carp

    Toxin Sac


    Deadly Poison Sac

    Giadrome Skull

    Small Wyvernfish (T)

    Wyvern Fang

    Medium Wyvernfish (T)

    Wyvern Claw

    Large Wyvernfish (T)


    Bulldrome Tusk

    Pokke Snowman (T)


    Book Of Combos 1


    Book Of Combos 2

    Monster Fluid

    Book Of …

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  • GemHunter7734

    Hey I had an idea that I've been working on for a while. What if there was a lab/research complex that paid for specific objects to research? I wanna include this idea in a fanfic or RP but I'm lacking in surrounding ideas for one, and I feel that I need to limit the list some before trying to do that.Please keep in mind that this list only consists of items from MHFU, and includes treasure items and acount items. (*=maybe) (T)=Treasure



    Popo Tongue *

    Giadrome Skull

    Elder Dragon Tears * (T)

    Unknown Skull *


    Book Of Combos 1 *

    Sleep Sac

    Book Of Combos 2 *

    Paralysis Sac

    Book Of Combos 3 *

    Electro Sac

    Book Of Combos 4 *

    Thunder Sac

    Book Of Combos 5 *

    Lightning Sac

    White Liver *

    Flame Sac

    Khezu Whe…

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