i think the need to add way more bird and flying wyverns. all ive seen so far is new peleguses (or pelegi?), a brute wyvern (the horn turtle thing with the hammer and armor in the psn demo) and new subspecies, besides hapuru. i havent seen any new wyverns besides pecco and tigrex subspecies wich doesnt count as a new wyvern in my opinion. monster hunter was made off flying wyverns and dragons with a few mythical beasts and a few random creatures (mostly talkin bout yama). then when mh2/f2 came out they added carapaceons and pelegus wich are fun but now carapaceons have pretty much dissapeard and pelegus have just become to dominate in my opinion. i think they should bring the focus back to wyverns or atleast give carapaceons a chance to be in the series again i thought they were fun to fight especialy with hammers. pretty much what im tryin to say is i feel like mh doesnt have enough new real wyverns any more and i hope the next few monsters they release (if they do release anymore) are the true wyverns that we all have been fighting from the start.

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