So it's been some time since I've got to play with Dis and Cubed but we got to play some. They are busy and I mostly now play with a new guy on the crew Hewer which is my brother. We are now 31+ and attempting these + quests. Dis and Cubed are not and when they are on we have to help them get further kinda sucks to not go on but then again its about fun and not what you need to do. Anyways we were fighting our first Qurepeco + and it was a hoot. I have to say that + as usual is scary but one you get the hang of it it isn't really difficult. Just better mosnters. We were fighting the darn bird and he called Ian. OK no problemo, she shows up and we decide to ignore her. Well she has other intentions after poisoning fireballing and charging into Quru it finally decides it time to go to the nest. well Hew hadn't got into the room yet and Ian+ showed up once again. Quru had KO'd me and was about to finish the deed when Ian firballed him and killed him.

The next quest was capture Quru+. It was all going fine until he called what I THOUGHT sounded like Rathalos. Nope, I was WAY WRONG! Out comes Deviljho ready and rearing to tear it up. I have to say it brought me back to those MH1 days when you're fighting Kut-Ku and suddenly Los comes flying in and your like HOLY CRAP RUN!!!! LOL So i managed to add it to my journal but it charged me and almost killed me in 1 hit. Keepin mind I'm wearing full Agnaktor upgraded all the way via stones. Plus I had eaten and got 40+ health. I had about an herb's amount of health left. It was scary but fun. I can't wait to fight Deviljho and I don't expect it to be possible for a long time. Anywho we did cap the bird but we steared clear of Deviljho.

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