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Fortuan June 1, 2010 User blog:Fortuan

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Anyone notice how much items come from Ian? Seriously to make the Ian+ Armor's Helmet you need a Rathian Ruby, 2 Rath medulas and the chest needs A plate and the legs need 2 Spike +. It's crazy that you need like 5 different things. I remember when Plates were the only thing. Now we have to hope to get plates,medulas, gems and sometimes a dvine plate. The amount of rare items on this one creature is staggering. Let alone frustrating. I attempted all weekend to create her armor and finally within the last few quests before retiring to bed on the final day I got my 2 medulas only 1 quest apart. We caped and slew rathian 20+ times to get 2 medulas, 1 plate and 1 ruby. Yikes.

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