DrS Episode 3: Mudasaurus Doesn't Die!

Well, our last session consisted of catching up 2 quests and then 3 attempts at the online Barroth Urgent. I've faught Barroth on my own and while it wasn't anywhere near an easy fight I still managed. Online with Cubed and Dis I have found it to be very difficult. We have to get it done in order to progress though. I have to say that it was entertaining. We would get the monster to limp and one silly mistake would cost the quest everytime. One problem is cutting off that tail. Since I use the hammer obviously I can't do it but with a GS and SNS I would think it would have happened. One thing I guess could explain is that Barroth can be pretty tall. I spent most of my time hitting the body and legs and when opportunity allowed I would wail on the head. Maybe if my stun attribute worked more often the battle would go smoother. I have to say that we definately need to uprgrade equipment to progress further. It's been a long time since I've met a monster that I can't take down after 2 tries. Not since MH1's Diablos.

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