I have to say that I was very pleased with the demo. I feel that it was a whole new challange, I've been playing MH for 6 years now (since MH 1 on PS2) and I felt like it was my first ever kut-ku. The only thing I have to complain about is the changing of how the GS works. It felt akward for me.

I defeated Jagirasu (sorry didn't know how to spell it) just fine but Qurepeko (again sorry) was a challange. I never felt more satisfied with a failed quest before though. I was showing my friend the game, completly new to the series when Queri roared like an Ian. I got so excited to see ian. Well considering I had trouble already with the bird needlessly to say I was hopelessly doomed when she came. I really love what they did with the monsters now and updated their behavior. They no longer feel like lumbering, clumsy oafs. As I mentioned I never felt better about failing when Ian pounced me with that cut-scene and I failed. AWESOME!

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