Previously I called this Adventurer's of an Expert and 2 noobs but now they have improved enough that I feel noob is a little insulting. SO instead I will use DrS our clan name.

Our clan's origins actually starts with MAG on PS3. We were tring to think of a name and I always like dragons so I tried Dragon Spit. The tags all have to be 3 characters so Dr(dragon)S(spit) came to be. We carry this over to monster hunter considering 1/2 of our clan have both games.

This time it went much better. Dis has really cemented himself as a decent GS user and Cubed is looking elsewhere but rocking the SnS. I myself experimented with switch axe but quickly found its non-defensive slow mobility disturbing and switched to the non-defensive mobile hammer. Currently I'm sporting Royal Ludroth Armor while cubed and Dis are sporting Jagi Armor, Dis has mixed with some other armors.

We had a few highlights this weekend. One being we were finally able to capture all those dang monsters. I learned to not be paranoid and they learned to be carefull and to bring extras. We had a hickup with Qurupecko when he was captured in a pitfall and Dis managed to throw 2/3 tranqs over Quru. Luckily tranqs popped up in the subquest supplies. We managed to do some serious questing taking down(killing and capturing) 3 Royal Ludroths, 4 Great Jagi and 2 Qurupeckos.

For now we are still stuck in 1* quests. I'm finished with all of them but still HR7 so need to get to Hr9 or 10 to get urgent I supose. meanwhile Dis and Cubed are 6 and 5 respectively.

The only super frustrating quest was the 6 Goldenfish. I was the only one with bait, I had 5 bait. I caught 4 but couldn't find the fireflies to combine for more bait. Ran around the whole time, Killed Royal Ludroth in the process, looking for fireflies. We finally lost due to time. We tried again with another 5 bait, caught all 5, then found the first time I tried I found a firefly. So within 3 minutes of starting we had the fish. We decided to fish for the subquests of 5 and 3 small goldfish b/c of the extra time to find out both subquest supplies give you Golden fish bait. Made a very frustrating victory considering the previous failure.

So, we are still waiting on others to join us such as JAACOOBB!! (lol inside joke), my bro and such but we are progressing quite well.

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