I figured I would post the progress of my usual crew. Dis - my friend who is completely new and doesn't listen and Cubed- friend who is new and doesn't pay attention. Then myself a veteren playing since 04.

SO far we have only managed to complete mushroom hunting, coral collecting and such quests. We did take down the Great Jagi but thats about it. We tried to capture it, It was murdered ruthlessly. We tried to kill and capture Qurupecko but both times Dis managed to get himself killed by charging headlong with under 40% health. Then we also tried the Royal Ludroth, both kill and capture. That was just murder on our part, under geared and not prepared for surprisingly deadly horizontal rolls, that surprised me too.

So this is done with Dis using GS i believe teh lowest Bone Slasher, and Cubed using SnS 3 upgrades from the starting weapon. I currently am using the War Hammer.

Our armors are what lack, I only have the leather on giving me a total of 5 armor and they both have the chain. I plan getting Jagi armor which should help, but then again I'm not the one deing.

We have been using our PS3's to chat turning on our ps3s and using MAG's chat rooms to talk instead of Wii speak. It feels dirty to use PSN to talk but it's better than typing with the controller at this point.

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