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  • Fortuan

    When I play monster hunter my wife likes to watch. She also asks 20 mil questions but that's beside the point. Yesterday when I was playing she was looking at our black cheep cofee table in disapointment. She then flashed with an idea that I figured would be another crazy idea that I had no intentions of trying. Yet this time I was surprised. She wants to turn the coffee table's top into a painting of Lagaicrus! She asked me to draw a sketch and then she'll do the rest. I have to post it when it's finished!

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  • Fortuan

    Rathian Market

    June 1, 2010 by Fortuan

    Anyone notice how much items come from Ian? Seriously to make the Ian+ Armor's Helmet you need a Rathian Ruby, 2 Rath medulas and the chest needs A plate and the legs need 2 Spike +. It's crazy that you need like 5 different things. I remember when Plates were the only thing. Now we have to hope to get plates,medulas, gems and sometimes a dvine plate. The amount of rare items on this one creature is staggering. Let alone frustrating. I attempted all weekend to create her armor and finally within the last few quests before retiring to bed on the final day I got my 2 medulas only 1 quest apart. We caped and slew rathian 20+ times to get 2 medulas, 1 plate and 1 ruby. Yikes.

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  • Fortuan


    May 28, 2010 by Fortuan

    So it's been some time since I've got to play with Dis and Cubed but we got to play some. They are busy and I mostly now play with a new guy on the crew Hewer which is my brother. We are now 31+ and attempting these + quests. Dis and Cubed are not and when they are on we have to help them get further kinda sucks to not go on but then again its about fun and not what you need to do. Anyways we were fighting our first Qurepeco + and it was a hoot. I have to say that + as usual is scary but one you get the hang of it it isn't really difficult. Just better mosnters. We were fighting the darn bird and he called Ian. OK no problemo, she shows up and we decide to ignore her. Well she has other intentions after poisoning fireballing and c…

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  • Fortuan

    Blunder of Armor

    April 28, 2010 by Fortuan

    As per my previous post for Mudasaurus I have had a blunder for armor. In order to be able to go up against Barroth my friends and myself decided to beef up our armor and weapons offline to get to better mateirials. Well I decided that I wanted the Barroth armor ( go figure ) for the attack up on the stats. I then whole heartedly starting goting after Gobol. Well this was because I thought that the Gobul Armor had the attack stat. When after 2 days finally getting Gobul Whiskers did I realize that I was hunting the wrong monster! So now I have to go and fight village Barroth to kill City Barroth. Confusing but it should be worth it.

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  • Fortuan

    Mudasuarus Doesn't Die!

    April 27, 2010 by Fortuan

    DrS Episode 3: Mudasaurus Doesn't Die!

    Well, our last session consisted of catching up 2 quests and then 3 attempts at the online Barroth Urgent. I've faught Barroth on my own and while it wasn't anywhere near an easy fight I still managed. Online with Cubed and Dis I have found it to be very difficult. We have to get it done in order to progress though. I have to say that it was entertaining. We would get the monster to limp and one silly mistake would cost the quest everytime. One problem is cutting off that tail. Since I use the hammer obviously I can't do it but with a GS and SNS I would think it would have happened. One thing I guess could explain is that Barroth can be pretty tall. I spent most of my time hitting the body and…

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