Ok I'm new to blogs so be kind please. I love monster hunter tri but a few things anoy me

1, Why so few monsters? Would like to see some of the oldies back

2. Why no long grass? used to love sneakin up on monsters to ambush them

3. Why do low and high armours look the same just dif skills?

4. Why is spiders webs so hard to get? They used to be easy to find

5. Why not all weapon clases? I miss gun lance and duel swords

6. Why no bomb mining i loved that?

Ok enough whining now things I love, swimming, shock traps, the lagi and ura monsters, the free roam in d island,

the frenships online the trade lady (soooo usfull), the events hell I love the game any way. See you out there in the danger zone

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