First off, i would liek to mention how teh Deviljho looks liek a giant pickel. o3o. its kinda crazy how much of a resembelence there is between teh two of them. i noticed this after doing 8 jho with my friend and completing my vangis armor set, al while building weapons such as reaver "calamity", anguish (P), and devils crush. all this was in MHP3. i know that teh names of all these weapons have been changed for japanese purposes. but its coller sounding. anyway i did all that so i could solo teh amatsumagatsuchi. its still hard but i want to get teh armor but my friend was tired of them after teh first 3. also, black tigrex IS NOT TEH HARDEST THING EVAR. I COULD SOLO TEH THING IN (9:45) and NOT BE PHASED. but i will admit that teh roar is frighteningly loud. it can kill my cat yam in 1 hit with that. dont let it freak you out, its easy. and rambo is no longer a proper term, teh new one is yambo. because yam eats tranq-bombs(Doboruberuku caping quest, he obsorbed those tranqs liek there was no tomorow.) he also wears uruaan S armor and teh kitty hammer just for the sake of humor. he is teh deffenition of "derp". also, in teh comments, can you tell me what wep s best for fghting teh amatsumagatsuchi? i wanna use hammer, but i have been told i would get killed because vangis armor is aparantly teh stupidest and most worthless thing ever. ok.

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