aka Nodoka Zipprick

  • I live in Japan (no joke)
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is playing MHFO or MHP3 while updating
  • I am female
  • Fatalis-ripper

    First off, i would liek to mention how teh Deviljho looks liek a giant pickel. o3o. its kinda crazy how much of a resembelence there is between teh two of them. i noticed this after doing 8 jho with my friend and completing my vangis armor set, al while building weapons such as reaver "calamity", anguish (P), and devils crush. all this was in MHP3. i know that teh names of all these weapons have been changed for japanese purposes. but its coller sounding. anyway i did all that so i could solo teh amatsumagatsuchi. its still hard but i want to get teh armor but my friend was tired of them after teh first 3. also, black tigrex IS NOT TEH HARDEST THING EVAR. I COULD SOLO TEH THING IN (9:45) and NOT BE PHASED. but i will admit that teh roar is…

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  • Fatalis-ripper

    ukanlos. wtf?

    May 19, 2011 by Fatalis-ripper

    rofl. im NOT A HACKER. i just play with other people a lot. anyway, i really hate barioth and nargacuga. im a LS kinda guy, so its kinda hard to spirit bade them. especialy im MHP3. flip, that darn bari was so obnoxious. and, just so you know, im not trying to be completely negative about the series, but i cant seem to get over the fact that one of the only monsters brought back from MHFU. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE TIGREX. in every way I hate them. not only that but they also made a new tigrex to seeming to ony be an attempt to ruin my life. ugh. oh well, the rest of the game is just awesome. the tripple rathian quest offlie quest was annoying, but fun. i used the guan-dao+ to do that, i capped them all. nothing rare. -_- and the jhen-mohran is m…

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