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    It was brought to my attention that using templates in pages was a little hard to figure out, so, although I'm no expert, I thought I'd collect together some of my thoughts on the subject for people to consider. This is by no means a comeplete guide, nor one for the creation of templates-- just a few pointers on using them that will hopefully help people who are having trouble getting started.

    Although templates are extremely helpful and easy to use once there's an established precedent, trying to understand them from scratch can be very intimidating. There are a few articles about them in the Wikia help section, but to be honest, they kind of beat around the magic bush of just simply using them in an easy, utilitarian way. As someone who h…

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  • Farbeitfromme

    Having worked on the MH3U Armor section for a little while now, I've noticed that while the Armor pages themselves have a pretty standard form, the smaller summeries of each set located in the lists themselves do not, due in part to the lack of solid template. As such, I thought I might address this by creating one.

    I originally hoped to create something with a pleasant aesthetic comparable to the infobox that appears at the beginning of each armor page, but unfortunately I'm not so well versed in the art of wikia coding to make such a template, and hanging up the development of the wiki on an admittedly unimportant facet is not something I want to do. That said, if anyone who has skill in crafting wikia templates wants to take over this pr…

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  • Farbeitfromme

    Alright, I'm pretty close to implementing the last template I created into all the armor pages I've already reformatted, but when I reached the D Series armor in Rarity 3, it reminded me of another thing I wanted to suggest: an armor navigation template that groups armors in MHFU by family. I created a prototype to demonstrate the basic idea. At this point, this is what it looks like:

    And here's the template page.

    So, I'd like to know what people think of this. Is this something that people would like to see implemented? It would certainly aid in navigation, but I would completely understand if people thought it cumbersome. So if you don't like it please say so.

    Most likely, I would put it at the bottom of the page.

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  • Farbeitfromme

    New Armor Template

    February 25, 2012 by Farbeitfromme

    OK, I thought I might as well try and create a a new template to use in the armor pages I've been updating. This template will show armor skill information, including the points given by each individual piece and whether the skills are activated or not. The structure is inspired by the armor skills table on the Mafumofu Armor page, but I'm hoping to polish it up a little more. I'm also experimenting with parser functions so that the size of the table can vary depending on how many different kinds of points there are, so it may take me a little while to get it ready. Once I do, I'll put up the documentation.

    Here's a link to the template page: Armor Info-05

    Here's what it looks like at this point:

    EDIT: OK, it looks like I got the parsing thin…

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  • Farbeitfromme

    Progress Report

    February 24, 2012 by Farbeitfromme

    Hello all, I just thought I'd summarize where I'm at.

    At this point, I've been able to do some preliminary reformatting of all MHFU Armor pages from rarity 1 to 3. Mostly this just meant implementing the templates that I was given (which are growing on me, I have to say) and adding missing information. However, there is still work to be done on all of them in addition to rechecking the information.

    Most specifically, they lack a standardized way of showing skill point information, gemming possibilities, and defense upgrades. Ideally, I'd like to have a template for each of those that matches those we've been using. I'd be happy to design them myself if I am capable and have permission. Additionally, it would be ideal if I could have somethin…

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