Okay, so, since I've had so many questions in the past, I'm just gonna pile 'em all up, and put 'em into one blog.


  1. What's the Switch Axe damage type? I'm pretty sure it's cutting but I'm just clarifying.
  2. 'Ya know how sometimes you kill/capture a monster for the first time, and you can't make the full armor set? How do you get the armor pieces you can't make? Do you have to get a certain item from said monster or something?
  3. How come when you sever/wound a monster's body part, then capture it, you don't get the wound reward with the capture reward?

That's all for now. I might have a blog like this in the future if any more questions pop up.


Rant time! Why the hell do people get so worked up over the smallest things on MH3? Like once, this guy wanted to use the Dragonator on Festival of Fear Event Quest, and I used it because he was on the back of the boat. When we Failed, (I could never beat Jhen...) he said "Fang" (My Username) "F*** u ya dirty bastard", and left, the pussy... I was like "What 'da hell?". And then, this guy I was playing with was an arrogant bastard and bragged left and right, up and down, and then expected me to do well when he died twice on Rathian. Then when we were carving, there were like, five of the big Altaroth not letting me carve, so, I shot 'em with pellet. He said the same thing as the guy above. And I thought the same thing as above. People just have no manners...

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