• Ezio12345

    great jaggi WTFBOOM

    October 6, 2011 by Ezio12345

    hi its ezio back after such a long time (45days) with another story to tell

    i saw this vid on youtube some guy flashed a jaggi and set to bbl+ and 1 hit killed

    i attempted to do so myself

    i got the lucky food combo of bombdier and pyro XD

    i set off on the quest mimmicking the player to the T

    it utterly failed

    i got my *** blown off and the gj was still alive

    if any of you know wat went wrong please leave explanation on my talk page

    godbless and happy hunting

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  • Ezio12345

    i had stalked the dragon to its nest

    in which a pack of jaggi resides

    i broke its wings with my ls

    it proceeded to take off

    until a jaggi ended its journey

    .side note

    chacha failed miserably

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  • Ezio12345

    now weve all heard of chacha getting the last word with a boss monster.

    but what about a pack of jaggi.

    i had followed a rathian to its nest in which it attempted to flee in one final act of rebbelion,

    a jaggi ran up and bit it.

    it fell from the sky and died.

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