Sorry for creatin a blog just for that but, I did not found any info on the internet an tried to get those shards for 3 days >_< before posting this here... I'm sure that I'm not the only one wondering that.

Where can I find Thn acnt shrd - Thin Ancient Shard?

I gonna go nuts if i don't find one more!

I need it for Atea S gunner armor. My cats (4 cats lvl20) went on a hunting quests and brough back 2 of this shards. Now I need one more and have tried sending them in all 3* and 4* quests (especially rathalos ones about 20 times already) and they never brough another one.

Can someone give me some help? Btw I'm HR5

Obs: They aren't mined shards. The mined ones get apraised in the reward screen.

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