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I started playing MH3 again yesterday after 2 months... i need to train a little.

Is getting really annoying to complete difficult quests with random players, even some late HR 60 people are dying in a a low rank barioth...

I just got Alatreon GS, and i`m trying to master GS's, but don`t worry: "I'm good enough not to dye on a Jho or Ala Quest..."

So like i was saying, I`m a little rusty, but that is normal after 2 months. I want some more organized gameplay, where people try new strategies and don't keep dying because the were pinned down by Jho, and forgot Dung Bombs...

I'm not a perfect player, and i make mistakes, but I'm always happy to learn new things.

By the way: is very rare to me send someone flying way

Sorry if i misspell something, my first language is not English


Leave your wiki user, Mh3 nick and ID. (GMT +0, London)

User: ****

MH3 Nick: ****

MH3 ID: ****


User: EvilGrin

MH3 Nick: Victor


Evil Grin 08:29, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

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