• Eriq Hallow

    Well, this new shirt for MHP3rd proves a few things

    1. Tundra Leviathan is the Great Baggi, compare the 2 icons.

    2. The thing in the desert IS indeed Barroth, appearantly tripping and doing a face-plant.

    3. Worm things in the volcano are Agnaktor, just... weird looking.

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  • Eriq Hallow

    Jhen Mohran in MHP3rd

    November 10, 2010 by Eriq Hallow

    Unless this is fake, it's confirmed!

    Sorry, was a little behind on the news, so just discuss below what you think it will be like fighting Jhen with your Felyne comrades!

    The new lance (or gunlance) looks really cool, hoping for return of other Jhen weapons.

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