A friend of mine ( you know who you are, dont tell anyone though) Asked me if I can draw people, hunters specifically. I dont have a hunter yet, but I have some weapons. We've been drawing monsters for a pretty long long time, but who's gonna hunt them? we need hunters here, weapons and armor.

Here's a drawing inspired from a friend of mine, he kinda looks like that, posing with a guitar blade. It looks more like an axe rather than a blade.

It isn't actually meant for this, but I have another reason to put this here. I have no idea how he can lift that up or even play it, but he'll do it, his way.

Anyways, You can place some of your hunters here too, for those who can draw and for those who want to. I thought we should have something like this in the wikia too, other than the Members monster creations.

One more thing, Make sure that the drawing IS yours if you want to post it here.

I hope you can post it here, and atleast try to. You can also request me to make armor, weapons, and hunter. Don't expect me too do all of you're request though. well?

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