I was inspired by their creativity,it made me draw what they described to me,and i came up with these two:

TnHere is king of barroths monster,it doesnt have a name though,so please do tell.

what he said was that it has lots of spikes on its back and huge wings,large horns and bronze in color.he told me in one of my blogs,I wish it made up to his expectations,but dont get your hopes too high on me,i cant guarantee this from the first place,but thank you anyway.

I also have Sirboos monster ready with me,but I still have to get his permission if I post it or not.thank you again for sharing your friends idea.

and if your monster inspires me I can get it on the net too,I am trying my best make it better,Im actually coloring the two now,finding ways to make it bigger and more visible,I got it scanned but was a bit crestfallen when it turned out to be small,I'll try my best so dont hesitate to tell your idea,you can post it in my talkpage,and give every single detail with your monster,okay?as I said I cant guarantee you but I'll try my best.

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