we've been thinking about it,haven't we?well,if you are,what exactly was this magic that were whispering about?if ever there would be on mhp3,what would it be?I know we have our own definition of what the hunters world is missing.heres mine;

I think if ever there would be magic on the following games,it would be something like giving a weapon somekind of skill,that would include a gauge that you have to fill up by attacking continously,and would activate whatev er that skill is.

for example,a longsword with that magic skill that nakes the sword flame up or something,a passive skill that is,and would not just increase the damage that you inflict,but also burns the enemy,like fireblight.

another one,a bowgun with a skill,a shot, that makes your enemy turn to pure cystal with one bullet.

last one,a great sword that has a skill that wouldincrease in size,visually making it longer,and whenever you hit an enemy the sword would explode light,like a flash bomb.

but enough of mine,what about you?

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