How did MonsterHunter reach you?How did you know about it?heres my story of how my love with monsterhunter started:

My first look at that Icon in my cousin,JJ's PSP got me captivated.there was'nt that much good games in his console,so I tried it out.When tha game started,the opening video made me play it,and the game itself,the hunting,going online,making stuff in the game,got me addicted.It made me so addicted that I played it day and night with my other cousin.I had more common sense than him cause he didn't go that far in unite.everything,the game system,the enviroment,the monsters,fitted me.I mean,this is what I've been waiting for.We played unite so much that we even stealed the psp from its owner.we open it up,plug in the charger and go playing 8 hours straight with only a hour to do everything else,eat,restroom,drink,then we go back to playing.Atlas, my cousin JJ,who owned the psp got mad and didnt let us borrow it anymore.We agreed that we'll just play his acount instead of the ones we made.Eveything went well for a short time when JJ's big hell of a sister crashed in.She got so pissed off with us playing in just one corner and her not having our night she DELETED the game,and my world was ruined.

that's how I got to know this wikia a bit more.I think I already know all the monsters even when i havent encountered them in person before.

I hope that entertained you a bit,but Im interested on how you got to know the world of hunters,specially the bureaucrats and creators of this wiki.what motivated them in doing all this.but anyone is fine,everyone wants to hear your story.

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