Clara is a small black kid,who lives in the city streets,no parents,no friends.maybe becuase she has a world of her own,her sense of hearing is very strong,the world around her was a symphony of shouts and screams,clanks and thuds,roars and cries, all at once.sometimes she would sneak in shops to steal food.she never got caught,a single footstep would send her running night,when provisions where low,she snuck in one of her favorite shops.before she could even touch one of those apples,a voice came from behind:"aha! so you where the one who was stealing my crops!"she was reported to the city chief,as much as the chief hated it,she had to be banished from the city.some of the citizens actually gave her a few provisions before she got on her the last piece of meat was placed in her bag,she wnet on,never looking back.

She travelled far and wide,through jungles and forest.she had a few close encounters with some monsters,but she always got away quickly.the sun has set,the wind was getting colder,there was no place safe.there was no other way,she climbed the silver world. she climed quitely and with utmost caution.she stopped when she saw a small,ruined encampment.she started to light a fire,when she heard footsteps a mile away.atlast!travellers!she thought.she rushed toward the sound when dread filled her heart.large claws rushed towards her. shed had to run fast.but her fear made her limbs go pale and numb.the head of a t-rex was closing in,eyes filled with a hunger for blood. the huge form got her

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