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    Wikian Hunters

    October 24, 2010 by EmperusDraco

    A friend of mine ( you know who you are, dont tell anyone though) Asked me if I can draw people, hunters specifically. I dont have a hunter yet, but I have some weapons. We've been drawing monsters for a pretty long long time, but who's gonna hunt them? we need hunters here, weapons and armor.

    Here's a drawing inspired from a friend of mine, he kinda looks like that, posing with a guitar blade. It looks more like an axe rather than a blade.

    It isn't actually meant for this, but I have another reason to put this here. I have no idea how he can lift that up or even play it, but he'll do it, his way.

    Anyways, You can place some of your hunters here too, for those who can draw and for those who want to. I thought we should have something like th…

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    My monsters...

    September 26, 2010 by EmperusDraco

    I've been doing Other people's monsters for some time now that, hey, Where's my monster?

    So far I've come up with only one, which is in the wiki members creations.

    I'll be thinking about more ideas, so you guys wait, you'll get a blast of how crazy I am.

    Here is my very first Monster. I made this all for the sake of having something in the Wikia's Member's Creations.

    As you might have noticed, Ryklonus is a new breed of wyvern, much like the fanged wyverns. It developed very Strong and compact forelimbs, but it wasn't able to grow any hind ones. The spikes on its arms and its back is hollow, allowing wind to enter it. It uses these spikes to produce organ-like sounds, which are very deafening for unaided ears. The plating on it's chest is holl…

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  • EmperusDraco


    When the sky burns to fiery ashes

    the black god arises,

    from Hell's gates he roars.

    the flame of your spirit,nevermore.

    the grim reapers scythe,

    glinting in the dead of night.

    All souls shall cry,

    you'll die at midnight...

    'One more step and I'll'...the terror of dying crept through her,defying any other thought.She was at the edge of the craters mouth,boiling in turmoil.It seemed like death was welcomig her,opening Inferno's gate.If she could just accept his invitation,let go of everything she's holding on to,but she cant.She still has to do something,and whats stoping her from doing that?.A huge demon was standing right in front of her,tusk threathening to cut her in half.his body was covered with spikes invulnerable to anything.The weap…

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    How did MonsterHunter reach you?How did you know about it?heres my story of how my love with monsterhunter started:

    My first look at that Icon in my cousin,JJ's PSP got me captivated.there was'nt that much good games in his console,so I tried it out.When tha game started,the opening video made me play it,and the game itself,the hunting,going online,making stuff in the game,got me addicted.It made me so addicted that I played it day and night with my other cousin.I had more common sense than him cause he didn't go that far in unite.everything,the game system,the enviroment,the monsters,fitted me.I mean,this is what I've been waiting for.We played unite so much that we even stealed the psp from its owner.we open it up,plug in the charger and …

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    I know weve seen this before,but Im talking names here.No,not weapon type,but the weapon itself.

    So what do you think is the most used,most picked,most loved weapon in the hunter universe?Well,you better speak up if you want to know.

    Heres The first Most used weapon:

    Longsword-Devil slicer (and paths)





    Hunting Horn-?

    Sword and Shield-?



    Dual Blades-?

    Overall Most Used Weapon-?

    Once the categories are all filled up we can start choosing the Most Used weapon.

    A weapon should have atleast two or more votes to make it to the slots.

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