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  • I am männlich
  • EbrithilBowser

    Some time ago, I found the book "The New Dinosaurs" from Dougal Dixon. In the book it is discribed how dinosaurs might have evolved if they weren't extinct. It was very interesting and some of the Animals from the book would be cool in Monster Hunter, too.

    In the Gallery i show you some examples.

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  • EbrithilBowser

    FUNNIEST Monster

    July 30, 2010 by EbrithilBowser

    What do u think is the funniest monster. I think it's Qurupeco, but Felynes are also very funny in Daimyo Hermitaur and Uragaan Ecology.

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  • EbrithilBowser

    Everyone who speaks german and likes Monster Hunter should read this. I write the following text in german, because people who doesn't speak german couldn't help:

    Es gibt ein deutsches Monster Hunter wiki, das unbedingt Hilfe braucht.

    Wie es scheint wurde es gestartet, aber danach nicht mehr bearbeitet. Es benötigt dringend jemanden, der die Artikel des englischen Wikis übersetzt und das deutsche Wiki adoptiert.

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