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This week we look at the mystifying Malfestio !!!

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Malfestio Icon A bird wyvern which is at home in the dark. It catches prey with its wings and talons. Its pivoting neck is characteristic, and it's worth a look to see it completely around to look behind itself. Scales in its wings can scatter a pollen that can cause confuse its foes.

Monster Hunter Generations Equipment

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Concept Art

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Interesting Facts About Malfestio

  • Malfestio is a newly discovered Bird Wyvern found in the shadowy environments like the Jurassic FrontierDeserted Island, and Primal Forest
  • Its head has a resemblance to a jester and face even has a sort of mask-like appearance of a jester. It even has the dark colors to resemble one.
  • Due to the ways Malfestio's eyes are positioned it will rotate and maneuver its head to allow it to see better.
  • Inside its feathers are strange yellow scales that are released when it erects its feathers. The scales put prey in a confused state once inhaled, making prey see images in places where they really aren't.
  • Despite looking as though it has normal wings, Malfestio has long sharp claws that are usually hidden while Malfestio isn't them on its wings. From how they overlap over each other, most wouldn't notice them easily. Malfestio will reveal them once enraged before beginning to use them as both weapons and tools. The claws allow it to fly better, yet quieter.
  • Malfestio are known to attack prey under the cover of night. They'll use their talons and wing claws to kill prey. Rarely, Malfestio have been found to shoot a powerful ultrasound beam at prey from a distance. This beam can put prey to sleep easily.
  • Generally, Malfestio sleeps in trees to avoid ground-based threats.
  • Malfestio is a popular dish among hunters.
  • Malfestio was made to fit with Bherna Village's European theme, adding both the beauty and feeling of the new atmosphere.


Monster Hunter Generations (X) Playthrough 3 Yukumo Village and LR Malfestio (Adept Greatsword)

Monster Hunter Generations (X) Playthrough 3 Yukumo Village and LR Malfestio (Adept Greatsword)

Title Monster Hunter Generations (X) Playthrough 3 Yumko Village and LR Malfestio (Adept Greatsword)
by RisingFunGaming

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