Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Poison!!!!

Hello fellow MH fans the topic of this blog is one of our most beloved status effects good ol'e fashioned Poison. Here we are going to take a look at some of our more notable poison monsters and weapons.

Notable Monsters

Gigginox: In my view this wyvern is a not a cheap immitation of Khezu like some would claim, but is instead a unique, poisonous, deadlier, and more advanced version. Its even immune to Thunder, talk about ironic. But Gigginox is well known for killing us hunters by spitting those poison balls and mist from its leech-like maw, tail, and glands. This thing is a pain to deal with and it even got worse in 3U with its dreaded G-Rank version.

3rdGen-Gigginox Render 001

Espinas Rare Species: While many may not play Frontier I just had to include this toxic and drowsy wyvern. Its one thing to shoot fireballs but its another to shoot poisonous ones !!! As if getting scorched wasn't bad enough you get big nice doce of toxins as well. This wyvern's attacks are visually stunning and it has certainly earned its place as the strongest of the thorn wyvern trio and its fearsome reputation in frontier.                                                                                                 


Great Wroggi and Iodrome: I was originally going to do only Great Wroggi but I decided to add Iodrome because, well poison raptors gotta stick together !!! (especially with that horrid Baruragaru lurking around). These two saurians have unique designs as Iodrome has an oviraptor and tyrannosaurus vibe, while Great Wroggi has more of an amphibian vibe mostly from frogs and salamanders. This duo also uses their poisons in two different ways with Iodrome hacking up toxic loogies and Great Wroggi gassing us to death with its poison clouds.

MH4-Iodrome and Ioprey Render 001

Baruragura: Another beast from the frontier series, Baruragaru is without a doubt an impressive beast. An invasive species from lands unknown this leviathan is an Iodrome's worst nightmare (same goes for veloci and gendrome). Baruragaru utilizes poison yes, but this beast forcefully takes it by draining an unfortunate Ioprey or Drome dry with that long barbed tounge in a horrifying fashion. When filled with poison its skin expands on both sides of its body showing off a vibrant  purple and you can actually see the poison coursing through its body. This savage will then spits streams of poison from its toothy maw, release toxic mists, shoot multiple globs, and even flings it from the end of its tail !!! 

FrontierGen-Baruragaru Render 002


Lets have a look at some poison based weapons from the MH series.


  • Is poison your favorite status affect ??
  • Why/Why not ??
  • Favorite poison monster/weapon ??
  • What would you add to improve poison in future games ??

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