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  • Dracosaurian

    Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week !!!   

    This week we take a look at the electrifying Lord of The Seas, Lagiacrus !!!

    • Lagiacrus are the top predators of the sea and they will attack any other large monsters on sight, including other Lagiacrus.
    • Its title, Lord of the Sea, comes from the fact that Lagiacrus are able to sink whole ships. It is also called the Sea Wyvern by fishermen and sailors. Despite its title, Lagiacrus isn't limited to the sea but can also be found living in freshwater areas if the water is deep enough to support it. From this, Lagiacrus becomes a most wanted monster in some areas.
    • Lagiacrus have also been seen swimming in some parts of the Old World such as the Primal Forest.
    • Lagiacrus can stay submergered unde…

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  • Dracosaurian

    Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week !!!

    This week we look at the mystifying Malfestio !!!

    • Malfestio is a newly discovered Bird Wyvern found in the shadowy environments like the Jurassic Frontier, Deserted Island, and Primal Forest. 
    • Its head has a resemblance to a jester and face even has a sort of mask-like appearance of a jester. It even has the dark colors to resemble one.
    • Due to the ways Malfestio's eyes are positioned it will rotate and maneuver its head to allow it to see better.
    • Inside its feathers are strange yellow scales that are released when it erects its feathers. The scales put prey in a confused state once inhaled, making prey see images in places where they really aren't.
    • Despite looking as though it has normal wings,…

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  • Dracosaurian

    On this blog we are going to discuss a very special group of monsters. These monsters make their living in the numerous dark, wet, dangerous and mysterious cave systems of the MH world. Some of these creatures never see the light of day and this makes them all the more terrifying to hunters. Lets take a look below at some of these fearsome troglodytes !!!!

    First up is the infamous Khezu !!! This blind electric wyvern has been stalking us since the very first game of the series and makes a triumphant return in MH4U. These hermaphroditic wyverns hang from the ceilings of caves dripping their acidic saliva and shooting deadly balls of electricity at us !!! Also for those who didn't know Red Khezu are in fact normal, while their pale counterpart…

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  • Dracosaurian

    On this blog we are going to discuss some the MH world's boss monsters, that unlike many other bosses eat their veggies on a daily basis. Unlike passive herbivores such as Aptonoth and Kelbi these beasts will brutally stomp, gore and crush you without bothering to eat your remains when done. Lets take a look at some of these large and dangerous herbivores.

    First up is the Styracosaurus-like Monoblos. This beast while less aggressive than Diablos, still have bad tempers and will not hesitate to brutally assault and kill anything they feel is a threat to them. Both species of Monoblos make a return in MH4U which is good since they've always played second fiddle to Diablos (in my opinion).

    Gogomoa is quite a unique mammalian monster due to shoo…

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  • Dracosaurian

    On this blog we are discussing some of the heated relationships between some of the series monsters. Like the modern world some creatures really don't like eachother and thats when great clashes take place. Lets take a look at some of the most intense rivalries in MH.

    Since the begining of MH Rathalos has been the undisputed wyvern ruler of the skies. The Rath wyverns have been put on a pedestal that throughout the series no other Flying Wyvern has challenged them for.......until MH4U that is. Enter Seregios the invasive "Thousand Blade Wyvern" !!! This wyvern has taken the series by storm with their aggressive attitudes and by bodly challenging the Rath wyverns for territory, which no other flying wyvern has done. With their ruthless aggres…

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