• DoRkZiLLaa

    New Weapon Attacks

    May 15, 2010 by DoRkZiLLaa

    Well, was reading trhough some things about all the new weapon classes people here make. i thought: "sure theyre cool ideas, but not terrbily likely to happen in game." (no offense to anyone who came up with one :P) so i thought of ways that cold feasibly keep the combat fresh. The best way i could think of to do that is to add a new attack/ability to all/most of the EXISTING weapon classes.

    SnS/DS: Given the versatility of these classes, not many damage dealing moves came to mind, save one for the DS. When in "demonized" mode, give the player a variation on the normal triangle+circle/unsheath lunge, where the hunter whirls the DS in front of him/her as he/she lunges.

    For the SnS, giving it the ability to dodgeroll backwards (in the form of a…

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