Hi to all MHFU gamers,

I am writing this to share my satisfaction with all the set armors available in the game. My character "Drake" is a Blademaster and has bitten already Ukanlos using a LS.

What helped me in defeating Ukanlos was my armor. The "Silver Sol Z" from the Silver Rathalos in G-Rank which when completed along with a weapon that has 2 slots will give you the opportunity to combine such skills to make a blademaster wielding a LS so powerful.

Here are the skills:

Attack up (Large) / ESP / Art of Unsheathing / Sharpening Skill Inc. / Defense -20

You will need decorations to complete all skills but the slots including the slots in the LS will be sufficient enough to achieve what is written above. The defense is not so much burden to a Blademaster since this can be fixed by armor potions.

What made this armor set my favorite is that you do not have to mix sets of armors to come up with an armor set of choice, this one says it all.

Just one drawback, if you are a GS Blademaster, you will need to settle with lower raw power GS in exchange for 2 slots or continue to use a powerful GS with less than 2 slots and loose Art of Unsheathing skill.

I hope this helps on armor sets... enjoy

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