Okay. This blog aims to discern what the Monster Hunter franchise will eventually lead up to. All of us on at this wiki know that no videogame franchise has lasted longer than thirty years. (Simply because videogames are relatively new to society (dating back to only the 1980's) is not a viable excuse for not making a good, lasting game. When a game is good, it continues to be made, sometimes well past it's release date. If it's really good they make sequels. As of today however, Mario is the leader in this area of videogame statistics. All of us know that there is eventually going to be a big change in the way MH affects it's players. The only two choices for CAPCOM that it will be faced with sooner or later, is that they (1) need to add games to the franchise that deal with much more than just hunting the monsters in the MH world, or (2) completely dropping the franchise altogether. I won't say more since this is more for your input on the subject, but my personal opinion is that MH will eventually be dropped, creating a wave of nostalgia all throughout it's devoted fans, and spawning cheap knock off games that aren't worth crap.

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