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    December 8, 2013 by DeviljhoKiller

    Poem Blog:

    Sup guys! I'm making a blog like Hellwolf suggested just for my poems! I might add some every so often and I will do (appropriate!) requests if you suggest them! Stay awesome!

    New Beginnings Poem:

    Just as a rose blossoms in the spring,

    So my lessons grow on,

    Always on to a better thing,

    And time flows anon...

    Baleful Poem:

    The thunder rumbles, and lightning flashes

    The air is filled with the sound of clashes

    The victor stands, his head held high

    and releases a roar unto the sky

    The thunder rumbles, and the skies do cheer

    The new monster of the night, now is here...

    Gigginox Poem:

    A flash of white in the night

    The loud and eerie roar

    The dark shines with fright

    A shadow on the floor

    Look up in time to see

    The maw to end your destiny

    Glacial Agnaktor …

    Read more >

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