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Weapons in MH4

Democide January 11, 2013 User blog:Democide

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I'm just thinking about what new weapons the monsters already confirmed will get (some will probably get old designs back):

Buki 01 img04 l

Old monsters:

Yian Kut-Ku

I'd love a Yian Kut-Ku Switch Axe along with (finally) a Gunlance for it. Also I could imagine having a Kut-Ku Insect Rod. Some pretty early fire weapons in the game.


Again Switch Axe, but also the Charge Axe seems good for Gypceros. I'd also like to see a Gypceros Long Sword, though I don't think that will come.


They will probably cover all weapon types, so not much to talk about them.


I could imagine a nice(-looking) Charge Axe for him. Other than that not much.


I think the Insect Rod is right for a Congalala weapon. Other than Switch Axe I couldn't think of more new weapons for him.


Insect Rod again. Don't think any other weapons.

Great Jaggi

Both Insect Rod and Charge Axe seem possible for a Jaggi weapon.

Buki 13 img03 l

New monsters:


I think most weapons would have water attribute. I'd love to see a Bow of him and Gunlance. Hunting Horn seems possible too as well as the Insect Rod. Then maybe a Great Sword, Sword and Shield and a Lance. LBG and HBG... we'll see.


A Long Sword may be a good weapon type for him. I hope for a Gunlance and Switch Axe. Hammer, maybe, and Great Sword. Dual Swords I could imagine too. For the new weapons Charge Axe seems more likely to me. Rest is open.


Hard to tell, I guess Lance, Bow, Sword and Shield and Hunting Horn. Also Insect Rod seems good. More I cannot think of right now.

Gore Magala

As (supposed) Flagship monster it will probably have any kind of weapon.

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