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  • Democide

    Hello and good day, I'm Democide, a (former and now again) regular user here and (unfortunately inactive) admin in the Fanon Wiki. You may know me as monster creator there.

    With this blog I want to announce a blog series everyone can participate by discussing, asking questions and of course contradicting. It's about the adaptations of monsters specifically and evolution in the MH world generally. I'm trying to show why Capcom decided to design a monster that way, with that color or in that form, also how they evolved and what advantages these adaptations give to the organism.

    But first things first, The blogs will be released weekly on Thursday (at least I try to keep it up, if necessary I will delay it). I'm going to review all monsters of …

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  • Democide

    Weapons in MH4

    January 11, 2013 by Democide

    I'm just thinking about what new weapons the monsters already confirmed will get (some will probably get old designs back):

    I'd love a Yian Kut-Ku Switch Axe along with (finally) a Gunlance for it. Also I could imagine having a Kut-Ku Insect Rod. Some pretty early fire weapons in the game.

    Again Switch Axe, but also the Charge Axe seems good for Gypceros. I'd also like to see a Gypceros Long Sword, though I don't think that will come.

    They will probably cover all weapon types, so not much to talk about them.

    I could imagine a nice(-looking) Charge Axe for him. Other than that not much.

    I think the Insect Rod is right for a Congalala weapon. Other than Switch Axe I couldn't think of more new weapons for him.

    Insect Rod again. Don't think any othe…

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  • Democide

    Monster Hunter Theory Wiki

    November 19, 2012 by Democide

    Okay, I've made this suggestion already in the Theory Blog (If it doesn't bring you to my post it already went to the second page so look it up there) of where almost only good reactions came so I want to make an official blog out of it.

    This blog is meant to share ideas to improve the Theory Wiki, ask questions and express your thoughts and opinions about it.

    • Better order and coordination through the categorization of theories and other pages
    • You can create blogs that show your own theories
    • One theory can have more threads what seperates the points of criticism for a better overview
    • Theories and game information can be seperated more effectively
    • Better ecological (monsters, areas) and cultural (villages) view on in-game content without mentioni…

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