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I HATE FATALIS!!!!! not even me and my 2 friends can unlock it, we read every advice thing ever created to unlock it but itz so hard and long!!!! "Do all trainning things with all weapons for black fatalis" *yawn* boring that isnt hard, just to long with to many monsters and weapons!!! "kill 10 of every elder dragon including black fatalis for crimson " i had the honor of doing that but since i hadnt unlocked g-rank elder dragons (except lao-shan, of course) i was stuck with granny and pathetic 4 star elder dragons, from that i know whwt true boredom is. and finally white, the epic beast of whatever, i read this "???" and "download only" ........ITZ UNITE!!!! a new download thing just came for the U.S. like a week or 4 ago and i spen 2 hours on the online thing looking.......NO WHITE FATALIS FOR THE U.S. that i got that out of the way who wants 2 join me as i kill the guy who thought hiding fatalis would b fun? & the people who say download white fatalis shall burn as well........anyway is there another way 2 get the "fatali"? (plural of fatalis) --Dead2theworld13 00:43, 14 August 2009 (UTC)

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