Bowguns have been in monster hunter since the first generation, but seem to be a very underused weapon class. Online in tri, I hardly ever saw a gunner, although I did use a bowgun myself online. Like all weapon classes they have their advantages and disadvantages, which I will cover later. Firstly, a brief history of the bowgun.

1st Generation

Bowguns were first added. Heavy and light classes existed, but there wasn't as much difference as later generations. There were no rapid fire or shields. Notably, Fatalis was very easy with a bowgun.

2nd Generation

Bows were added, giving major competition to the complex bowguns by being easier to use. In addition, both rapid fire for light bowguns and shields for heavy bowguns was added.

3rd Generation

Tri saw the addition of the extremely complicated bowgun customization system. This enabled some great guns to be made with huge clips or rapid fire on a heavy bowgun or a shield on a light one. The medium bowgun class was also added. Weight was a property of the parts, and it determines the bowgun type. In MHP3 bowguns were changed to be more like 2nd gen, but with a few additions. Notably siege mode for heavy bowguns. In 3U bowguns were the same as in MHP3.

4th Generation

I understand that bowguns can now do a jumping melee to mount monsters, but as I have not played MH4 I do not know much else.

Pros and Cons of Bowguns

  • They can attack from range
  • Many different types of bullets so there will be a good bullet for each monster
  • Rapid fire/seige mode can dish out huge damage in a short amount of time
  • Lots of explosions! Who doesn't like that? The dudes underneath the monster when you hit it with a cluster bomb thats who.
  • Low defence leaves a gunner vunerable
  • you are immobile while shooting

How do people view the role of a bowgun?

Poll:What do you think of bowguns


  1. Will you be using bowguns In MH4U?
  2. If you do not like bowguns, why?
  3. What are your favorite gunner armour sets?

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