This blog is designed to uncover all those little things that we have all noticed or heard about, but do not know for sure. Please comment to confirm you have seen an effect or to describe one you have seen.


Myths and rumors we are yet to confirm. These need testing, however some will require exstensive data collection, for example the piggie myth.

  • Both lightning rods and barrel bombs can be used in the snowy mountains at night, as the weather changes.
  • That age old myth - stroking the Piggie gives you good luck.
  • Felyne comrades actual defense (and possibly attack) vary depending on the rank of quest. My evidence for this is that they seem to be just as easy to knock out for low rank monsters as they are for G rank ones.
  • Yama Tsukami's tentacles can be severed, possibly with dragon element. Evidence is I have seen a red surface inside Yama's whisker that looks like the ones you see on the stump of a monsters tail.


Myths and rumors confirmed by having people observe the effect. Ones that I have tested myself will also go here as I can be sure they are true. Confirmed rumors will be added to the appropriate page, as they are now facts. Picture evidence would be helpful.

  • The negitive skill 'Worry' (-10 potential) increases defense as well as lowering attack in MHFU.
  • Running off the eastern or southern edge of the old desert area 2 will teleport you to the center of the same area.
  • In a hunt with Khezu all background music is turned off, even for sidekick monsters. Eg. Red Khezu & Giadrome. Does not apply to epic quests.
  • The hunting horn's poke attack does cutting damage in MHP3 and so can sever tails.
  • In MHFU the multiple quest 'Meeting of dyamo' has a kill limit of 10, after the tenth one the quest will be cleared. Unknown wheather this applies to other quests too, but it is probable.


Myths and rumors disproved by having multiple people not observe the effect. Please do not say you the effect does not exist simply because you do not believe it to be true, this is the enemy of all science.

  • Monsters cannot destroy shock traps by surfacing under them in MHP3.
  • Certain hammers do cutting damage.
  • Saying the name of the material you want will reduce the chance of getting said item.

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